It all started with a distinctly human capability: empathy. The ability to understand the people you are trying to help, to be able to feel their feelings, and to be able to see the world through their eyes.

As a pioneer design thinking project of The Humanos Institute, we visited 32 families in their homes. We talked and, more importantly, we listened. Working in the context of microfinance, we focused on the behaviours and attitudes concerning financial activities at home, at work, and with financial institutions.


To immerse ourselves in the community, to understand their hopes and dreams and fears, and to co-create a solution with them that ushers them into a new era of financial inclusion.


How might we develop a financial inclusion program that benefits the community as a whole?


The Centro Comunitario del Naranjo will be a purpose built structure where the people from El Naranjo can gather and benefit from the services that it houses, namely the trade school, the financial literacy training, and the co-operative bank. It will act as a central location where the people of El Naranjo can come together, help build a sense of solidarity, increase trust and benefit from the services it provides.

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