Who Are We?

We are a group of people with a vision. A vision that aims to change the way we change the world!

There are hundreds of non-for-profit organizations around the world that seek to help people in need. Humanos focuses on impact and on addressing the underlying needs of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. By using the Design Thinking methodology we develop solutions following the core principles of human-centered design. We travel to the community to step into their shoes, we use an iterative process that guarantees the effectiveness of the end solution with relation to the issue, and we bring a multidisciplinary group of people that provides the team with a wider spectrum of possible solutions and a more robust understanding of the problem.


As per our mission, we are dedicated to marrying the mind of business with the heart of humanity to help transform lives of the poorest people on the planet. We focus on solutions that can be scaled and that reach as many people as possible.

Niels and myself began the Humanos’ journey in early 2015 in Montreal, Canada and the first project is already scheduled to take place this December in Nicaragua – needless to say we are stoked! This is a project that seeks to develop a financial literacy program for several communities across Latin America. Stay tuned for updates on this project!

The idea of Humanos was mulled over and over again several times in different coffee shops and bars alike throughout Montreal before it was officially incorporated; and although it now has a name and a shape, Humanos is bound to change and evolve as time progresses in order to better adapt to the needs and hopes of those that we aim to help.

But more importantly than when it started and where we are, is why Humanos came to be. The short answer is that it started because both Niels and I knew that there is a movement taking place where more and more people find an intrinsic yearning to make a difference in this world. Deep in our core we knew that there was something that we could do to join this movement and help humanity. We both knew that living in Canada as part of the top 1% of the world population is an incredibly fortunate reality. It is a privilege, not a right, and certainly very few people around the world share the same luck. Needless to say, we knew we were in a position to make a difference, it was just a matter of taking action. So we did. The Humanos Institute was born on August 12, 2015.

Ahead of us we face a sea of challenges but also mountains of possibilities. We know that with the right heart, the right vision, and the right people we can take Humanos from its infancy into adulthood where true world-wide impact will take place.

Humanos is still young and with many challenges ahead. As such, we are constantly looking for passionate people who want to make a difference and create a true impact. The opportunity is right in front of you, it’s up to you to take the first step.

If you support Humanos, feel free to follow us through FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, or reach out to us directly at info@humanos.org to learn more about how you can get involved.

Pablo Hennique