40,081 Syrian Refugees Welcomed in Canada


10,858 Syrian Refugees Welcomed in Quebec



Hiba is a 10-year-old Syrian girl who grew up in war and endured an exhausting journey to safety. She says “I loved to go to school so much, but then the schools were closed. We couldn’t go out. And then the bombing started… [people] were dying around us and we couldn’t help them.”


 Soon it will be one year since Abdul, 35, landed in Toronto with a suitcase, 100$ in his pocket and a dream of a peaceful life. He tries to keep his spirits up as he can. He says “I want to start my life here again. I have already lost too much time because of war.”


If you’re passionate about helping Hiba, Abdul and hundreds of Syrian newcomers in their transformational journey, join the Humanos Institute as we apply the innovative human centered design thinking method to co-create sustainable solutions to those that need it the most. Be part of their journey as they rebuild their lives whilst effectively practicing your innovation and responsible leadership skills.

The Project: “I am a Montrealer”

We are partnering with other leading organizations to introduce a mentoring program for empowering Syrian newcomers in Montreal. You will help us to design and initiate a mentoring program that will assist newcomers to blend in with the Canadian society, gain the sense of social inclusion and acquire the self-esteem to transform their lives. We will take you through a rigorous Design Thinking training, with a hands-on approach.

What You will Get

Coaching and mentorship from Design Thinking experts that will fully immerse you in the human-centered design process and provide you the tools to create a change through social innovation. Whether you are in Business, Engineering, Health, Social Science, Arts, Law, or any other discipline you will be able to develop solutions that are truly innovative by taking a human-centered approach.

Who We Are

The Humanos Institute is a non-for-profit dedicated to marrying the mind of business with the heart of humanity to transform the lives of the disadvantaged. We bring multi-disciplinary teams to co-create innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems of our times using the Design Thinking approach.


Send your resume and letter of intent by December 5th, 2017 to volunteers@humanos.org. Email subject: “I am a Montrealer”